Was your extension request Form 5558 denied by the IRS?

In the first year’s confusion about the ERISA Filing Acceptance System (EFAST2) for the Form 5500, many plan administrators are still updating systems and have filed for an extension (Form 5558). Unfortunately, some of the extension request forms were mistakenly denied. If you filed for an extension and received a denial letter, be sure and check with the IRS. All you have to do is mail a copy of the denial letter (it is labeled CP 216H) along with proof that your extension request was filed on time (mail receipt) to:

Ogden Accounts Management Center

EP Accounts Unit, Mail Stop 6270

Ogden, UT  84201

Another option is that you may have received a 5500 Late Return letter (labeled CP 213N). In that case, follow the instructions in the letter to dispute any errors.