Four things you need to know about periodic reports

Every four years, the Texas Secretary of State requires nonprofit organizations to file an informational report to confirm the organization’s registered agent and office, and the names and addresses of current officers and directors. Here are four things that you need to know about the report:

1)      You don’t need to file the report until asked by the secretary of state. But once the report is requested, you must comply within 30 days of the report date or risk an involuntary termination of your corporation.

2)      If you receive a notice, but are no longer affiliated with the organization, then the corporation needs to file a report to change the registered agent name and/or office address. Please forward the notice to the appropriate person, or notify the state that you are no longer the agent.

3)      The periodic report cannot be used to change the name of the organization. To make a name change, a certificate of amendment is needed (Form 424 or Form 406) – also with the Texas secretary of state.

4)      Reinstatement is possible if the deadline is missed, but the procedure is more complicated. Name registration is an issue because the organization name must still be available. The process will cost you more time and slightly more money if you miss the deadline.