How to start a New Year

A new calendar year opens up great possibilities. Coming off the holidays, watching It’s a Wonderful Life, gives me a renewed commitment to being thankful. The plan sponsors and companies that I work with have many challenges, and I see that the ones who are able to focus on the positives are the most productive. Employee Benefit News’ Benefits Forum & Expo in Dallas last September featured a keynote speaker that connected the verified link between positive attitude and work success. Shawn Achor, founder of Good Think Inc., talked about Harvard-based research that proves the “brain’s ability to construct a picture of reality in which success and happiness are possible.” He leads workshops to help companies capitalize on “The Happiness Advantage™.” Employee Benefit News summarized his talk about five ways to improve your happiness quotient in an online news article. In case you didn’t see it, ‘now’ is always a good time for inspiration. Happy New Year!