Transformed by exciting spiritual growth

The leaders of St.Philip’s Episcopal Church were surprised—and disappointed—by their initial REVEAL results. After all, their 10-year old church plant in Frisco, Texas, was growing rapidly. And the church’s young, professional congregation was dynamic, highly relational, and very involved in serving both the local community and worldwide missions.

Senior Pastor Clay Lein recalls the sequence of his own reactions to the January 2009 survey feedback, including a Spiritual Vitality Index of 57 (in the lower half of all surveyed churches.)  He questioned how—with all the church’s growth and good work—this could be true. He then wondered whether his congregation might be typical of most Episcopalians. “But almost as quickly as having those thoughts,” Clay says, “I felt really convicted by the Holy Spirit to say, ‘Really? That’s the best you can do?’”

A few weeks later, aboard a plane, Clay purposefully dug into the package of REVEAL results and their implications. He read and took notes throughout the flight, coming to some specific conclusions as the plane taxied in—including the opportunity provided by the church’s large number of seekers.

This in-flight examination was followed by both prayer and interaction with fellow church leaders, as well as input from congregation members experienced in areas from HR to analysis. Their recommendations led Clay and his team to specific changes that would best leverage St. Philip’s
strengths and most effectively address its needs.

While their spiritual growth index of 67 on a subsequent (Jan. 2011) survey reflects a positive trajectory, it’s the changes put in place and the congregation’s enthusiastic buy-in that are creating real excitement—both within St. Philip’s and in the wider REVEAL community.

Pastor Lein will share the church’s transformation story at the REVEAL – North Texas conference on October 25, 2012.