New insights REVEALed about spiritual growth

Attendees at the REVEAL seminar on October 25th gave the event a ‘thumbs up’ for delivering on best practices and engaging church members in their spiritual walk.  Highlights from the day included:

Senior pastor of Willowcreek Community Church, Greg Hawkins, delivered an engaging presentation detailing the stages people go through toward becoming fully devoted followers of Christ, and then examining the practices that move people forward in their spiritual journey.

Cally Parkinson, a brand manager for REVEAL and former director of communication services at Willow Creek Association, showed how REVEAL measures spiritual vitality in multiple church settings.  She introduced two church pastors who gave testimonies about the results in their churches. The two churches – St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Frisco and Legacy Church in Plano – had several things in common. Their staff was unified in a commitment to see spiritual growth happen. They were open and honest with their members about the goal of a deeper walk with Christ. And, they engaged members in ‘ownership’ of the church and their own spiritual growth.

If you missed the seminar, and are interested in learning more about REVEAL to benefit your church, you can order a copy of MOVE: What 1,000 Churches Reveal About Spiritual Growth.  Use the code CALLY to receive a North Texas REVEAL discount.