Which financial management software is the best fit for your organization?

By Becky Davee, CPA, Partner

When it comes to financial management systems, you have a smorgasbord of choices.  Most often financial managers use the following criteria to evaluate software systems:

  • Depth and maturity of financial management and accounting applications
  • Quality and timeliness of business visibility
  • Openness and ability to work easily with other strategic, best of breed applications
  • Excellence in delivering on-demand financial management and accounting applications via the cloud
  • Track record of client success and satisfaction
  • Low total cost of ownership

While some have found Quickbooks to be the best solution for their situation, growing companies complain about Quickbooks’ expensive workarounds, manual paper-based processes, and complex spreadsheets to compensate for its limitations.

When our clients outgrow Quickbooks, we recommend Cloud based replacement solution called Intaact.

Here’s why:

  • Intacct improves your productivity by eliminating manual processes and spreadsheets. 
    If you use QuickBooks, you spend hours doing manual tasks to compensate for the way it works. Intacct improves your speed and efficiency by automating time-consuming processes, such as multi-entity/multi-location close and reporting, multi-currency management, revenue recognition, project accounting, and billing. This way, your staff can focus on more pressing and strategic work.
  • Intacct delivers instant visibility into your performance the way you want — anytime, anywhere.
    With our cloud-based QuickBooks replacement solution, you get real-time visibility into your financial and operational performance. The flexible system lets you slice, dice, and summarize information the way you want using pre-defined or custom reports and dashboards. Plus, you can use the system anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet browser and a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Intacct integrates with your other applications, so you eliminate data re-entry and information silos.
    Intacct integrates with best-in-class applications, such as Salesforce, and works with your other business systems, so you don’t have to re-enter data from other applications into your financial system.
  • Cloud-based Intacct saves you money and reduces IT headaches
    By moving your accounting system to the cloud, you eliminate hardware costs, software maintenance, and upgrade hassles. Plus, you get industrial strength back-up and disaster recovery, so you can focus on managing your business not your technology.


Whether you are a growing business, church or nonprofit organization, Intaact scales with your business, automates your processes, delivers greater visibility, and integrates with your other applications. Schedule a demo of the Intaact Software by contacting Becky DaVee, CPA partner.