Three Easy Shortcuts for QuickBooks Users

mary_weaver_WS (1)By Mary Weaver, QuickBooks Pro Senior Advisor

For Cloudkeeping™a division of Salmon Sims Thomas



Create helpful reports in a flash and save yourself hours of frustration with just a few QuickBooks tips:

  1. Quick reports provide a detailed history on any line item, such as a vendor, employee, or account. Highlight the item, press CTRL + Q, and voila! Instant report.
  2. Audit Trail is helpful when you need to search and find an entry. Go to Reports, then Accountant, then Audit Trail. Select Customize Report to filter info you want to include such as date range, amount, and/or accounts.
  3. Right click to access menus almost anywhere without going to the tool bar. For example, to switch tasks from receiving payments to entering bills, just right click anywhere on the page.

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