More calls, fewer workers equal long hold times for IRS help

Even CPAs have questions for the IRS. And just like the other 100 million annual calls, we have to wait on hold to talk with an IRS agent. We want you to be aware of the situation facing IRS agents so that you understand why tax questions may not be answered as quickly as we would all like. With a current budget (adjusted for inflation) comparable to 1998, the IRS is also working harder with fewer employees. Some IRS telephone workers leave their jobs through attrition, some through budget cuts, and some are re-assigned to other tasks, such as investigating the growing problem in tax-return identity theft. The numbers tell the story best: 7 million new filers added within a six-year period, about 150 million tax returns each year, and a 26% decline in employees assigned to answer taxpayer phone calls.

The current administration is seeking a budget increase for the IRS in 2016, so some relief may come next year. In the meantime, thanks for your patience as we do our best to provide you excellent service and accurate returns.