How to Sell Your Business for the Highest Price

When and for how much you sell your business impacts your life financially and emotionally, and affects the wealth that you pass on to future generations. The best time to consider the issues related to a sale is before you’re really ready to sell. Then, when time comes, you have the systems and people in place that position the business for the highest selling price and most successful transaction.

The white paper, “Exit: Selling Your Business for Maximum Price,” helps you prepare by thinking through and determining:

  • Your reason for selling
  • Timing for maximum return
  • How the market values your business
  • Operational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • The best type of buyer to meet your goals

Some sales of businesses are better for the owners than others.  To learn more about how to successfully plan your exit, contact Ron Salmon CPA, CEPA (Certified Exit Plan Advisor.)