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Nonprofit Detail

Nonprofit Organizations

Churches and Ministries

Your highest priority is to protect your church or ministry’s finances. The long-term consequences of a short-term loss of funds can be extremely detrimental. Salmon Sims Thomas’ expertise in church finances helps you manage through decreases in donations, avoid tax oversights and deter criminal acts. We help you establish proactive procedures to reduce the risk and temptation of theft from petty cash pools, collections, offerings, tithes, special-event accounts, general checking and savings accounts, special group accounts and investment funds.

Health and Welfare Agencies

Management of health or welfare agencies is accountable for the financial activities of the organization to benefactors, boards of directors, and often the community. Salmon Sims Thomas specializes in working with nonprofit agencies to significantly reduce audit exposure and potentially save millions in governmental revenues.

K–12 Private Schools

Finance and development go hand-in-hand for private schools. Salmon Sims Thomas works with both areas to strengthen controls and accurately process donations. You also benefit from our experience in education to analyze school efficiency in planning, accounting and day-to-day operations. We get to know and understand your school’s objectives and offer services that include training and assessment in addition to accounting and compliance review.

Trade Associations

Running a trade association differs from other nonprofit associations, especially in the area of tax exemption. Your revenue stream from membership dues rather than donations carries unique tax and audit requirements. As specialists in accounting and consulting for a wide variety of nonprofit organizations, Salmon Sims Thomas understands what is needed to plan for, manage and preserve your financial resources.