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Why work for SST

Why work for SST

What does “fit” mean at Salmon Sims Thomas? Pick your top three, and then let’s talk. We actually have at least six reasons why our employees join and stay. See if you can identify with what we’re all about . . .

1. Variety of work and responsibility – In the buffet of life, it’s important to experience different opportunities and challenges as part of the learning process. Our firm’s typical audit takes about one to two weeks with a handful of auditors, not an army. So, you end up meeting more clients and doing a wider variety of work. You get to see the entire picture earlier in your career. And, as you prove yourself, you’ll see the fruits of your labor rewarded.

2. Wall-to-wall training – At Salmon Sims Thomas, you gain a broad understanding of business processes early in your career. In addition to your on-the-job experience, you’ll participate in formalized seminars – both internally and externally. Beyond this technical training, you will also get training in soft skills that extend beyond your day-to-day work life.

3. Valued opinions – When we hire you, it means that we believe in the unique contributions you’ll make to our firm. We often brainstorm as a team to bring the greatest value to clients. Teamwork means open doors to our management and all hands on deck for firm assignments. You won’t be eking out your existence in a cube all day.

4. Community involvement – We know that you care about your community and like to be involved, so we support employees who want to give back. Relationships and networking are important to you, so we encourage your volunteer or board participation in charitable organizations.

5. Healthy work/life balance – A lot of people talk about balance, but, hey, it’s in our top six values; not an add-on or afterthought. And, it’s ok to talk about it around here. Although deadlines are a fact of life at CPA firms, Salmon Sims Thomas employees often have a say in when and where they do their work. We offer flexible and alternative schedules, adapting assignments for personal interests and strengths.

6. Relaxed atmosphere – Many companies say, “We’re like a family.” What does that really mean? At Salmon Sims Thomas, it means that you have a place where you feel you belong and can make a difference. We want to attract like-minded, success-oriented professionals to maintain our reputation for competence and integrity. We also understand the benefit of relaxing and socializing once work is done.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send all resumes to hr@sstcpa.com.