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Minimizing fiduciary risk – part 2 of 2

Monthly Archives: May 2011

Minimizing fiduciary risk – part 2 of 2

Thankfully, there are tangible actions you can take to manage a retirement plan well and reduce or hopefully eliminate liability Read More >>

Bookmark this helpful resource for nonprofit organizations

When you have a spare 15 minutes, you can gather helpful information for your organization from an IRS microsite: www.stayexempt.org. Read More >>

Six easy steps for safeguarding your church’s cash

Churches want to be good stewards of cash. Here are ways to safeguard your donations. Use a separate bank for Read More >>

Are Gift Cards ok to use for raffle prizes?

We recently had a client ask us a question, and I thought that the answer would be helpful to readers Read More >>

Minimizing fiduciary risk – part 1 of 2

Plan fiduciaries are increasingly accountable for the plans they manage, even to the point of personal liability. To help you Read More >>

Still thinking about taxes on 401(k) distributions

I recently wrote about in-plan conversions to Roth accounts and want to encourage you to keep thinking about making that Read More >>

To do before May 15: tax credit for nonprofit organizations, including churches

Even if your organization doesn’t file a Form 990, you may be eligible for the health care insurance small employer Read More >>