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Acknowledging donors and prize winners

Yearly Archives: 2012

Acknowledging donors and prize winners

The IRS is very specific about the way that tax-exempt organizations must recognize donations. You probably know that you have Read More >>

The birthday effect on retirement plans

Birthdays sneak up on all of us, but if you’re a plan sponsor, you have to pay attention to all Read More >>

What tax exempt organizations need to know about disclosure

Two types of disclosure are: 1) information about your organization and 2) information that your donor needs when they make Read More >>

The 2 Most Important Criteria for Documenting Donations

Your congregation needs to know that a cancelled check is not sufficient documentation to qualify for a tax-deductible donation in Read More >>

9 keys to managing your organization’s risk

A certain amount of risk is good for your nonprofit organization. Risk is not always determined just by finances, but Read More >>

Do your homework: accountability for plan providers

We don’t want to think this will happen. But here’s a recent case in Texas that demonstrates the need to Read More >>

New insights REVEALed about spiritual growth

Attendees at the REVEAL seminar on October 25th gave the event a ‘thumbs up’ for delivering on best practices and Read More >>

4 Things to Know About Donations of Real Estate

Real estate makes an attractive gift to an organization for a donor because it’s a way to give a significant Read More >>

Looking ahead to 2013 – contribution limit changes

With so much uncertainty about taxes for 2013, your employees may get a serious case of ‘every little bit counts’ Read More >>

3 ways to create internal controls for social media

Churches increasingly rely on social media to communicate. In a survey quoted by Mashable, a social media blog, 46.1% of Read More >>