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4 Things to Know About Donations of Real Estate

Monthly Archives: October 2012

4 Things to Know About Donations of Real Estate

Real estate makes an attractive gift to an organization for a donor because it’s a way to give a significant Read More >>

Looking ahead to 2013 – contribution limit changes

With so much uncertainty about taxes for 2013, your employees may get a serious case of ‘every little bit counts’ Read More >>

3 ways to create internal controls for social media

Churches increasingly rely on social media to communicate. In a survey quoted by Mashable, a social media blog, 46.1% of Read More >>

Nonprofit social media from an accounting point of view

Nonprofit organizations are more and more engaged in communications with social media. In a nonprofit marketing guide blog post, several Read More >>

Elective contribution limits & 2012 changes

There are many types of limits for the many types of retirement plans. When combining employee contributions, employer matching funds Read More >>