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An IRS Trend: Middle Market Business Audits

Yearly Archives: 2013

An IRS Trend: Middle Market Business Audits

 Middle market companies may see themselves as somewhat shielded from an IRS audit since the historical audit percentage is about 11.9%. Read More >>

How Electronic Embezzlement Could Happen to Your Church

No church wants to think that anyone on staff would even consider embezzling funds. A good understanding of the how Read More >>

CPA Has A Heart For Animals In Need

Rachel Alexander works hard to help her clients reduce dollar amounts due on tax returns.  She also has a passion Read More >>

10 Best Practices for Internal Audits

An internal audit benefits your organization in many ways.  Take a look at the  Journal of Accountancy (online) article about Read More >>

3 types of donations and how to handle them

I want to share a recent question that frequently comes up in discussion about tax deductions: Do silent auction donations Read More >>

No rush! More time for 401(k) and 403(b) disclosures

Last year, plan sponsors had to provide annual investment disclosures to participants by August 30 with an annual (within 12 Read More >>

25 Governance Policies You Need

My colleague, Bill Sims, posted this on his Faithful Steward blog, and I wanted to share it with my non-profit Read More >>

‘Heads Up’ for Fiduciaries

BenefitsPro.com has an excellent article that will be helpful for plan managers and all fiduciaries of retirement plans. With a Read More >>

Q&A for Filing Form 5500

As you prepare to file Form 5500 by the July 31 deadline, here are answers to some of the questions Read More >>

5 Reasons Why a 501(c)(3) is a Good Idea for Churches

Many churches view having a 501(c)(3) as being ‘worldly.’  After all, churches are tax exempt anyway, right? As a tax Read More >>