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New (and Old) Rules for Home Offices

Monthly Archives: April 2013

New (and Old) Rules for Home Offices

While simplifying the filing procedure to claim a home office deduction, the IRS criteria for claiming the deduction unfortunately eliminates Read More >>

5 401(k) Details That Can Kick You Out of Compliance

As an auditor, it’s my job to look at every aspect of a 401(k) plan to ensure ERISA compliance that Read More >>

What to do if tax exempt status is revoked

I received a question from Brenda in Michigan, and I think that the answer will be helpful to other readers, Read More >>

What to include in a Record Retention Policy – Part 2 of 2

You have two types of records to retain – plan records and employee participation records. Many of the plan records, Read More >>

How integrated auxiliaries can protect your church from liability

Thanks to Ryan Peak, Staff Counsel of Asiatico and Associates who wrote this article for churches with multiple outreach ministries: Read More >>