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Early Prevention and Detection will Reduce Your Risk Of Fraud

Monthly Archives: June 2014

Early Prevention and Detection will Reduce Your Risk Of Fraud

Given the noble goals and missions of nonprofit organizations, it would be nice to think that their employees embody those Read More >>

Getting Pastoral Salaries Right

Even though a pastor is technically an employee of the church, his income must be treated differently than other employees Read More >>

Tony Horani Joins Salmon Sims Thomas

Salmon Sims Thomas is delighted to welcome Tony Horani as the newest addition to the team. Tony wasn’t born in Read More >>

Want to Excel? Stop Using Excel.

Excel is one of the most venerable and versatile pieces of software ever conceived, a digital chameleon that can make Read More >>

Hedging Your Bets: 4 Security Lessons from the Casino Industry

The casino industry may seem a world apart from most businesses; after all, most enterprises aren’t 24-hour, windowless operations filled Read More >>

Thank You to All ACA Update Seminar Attendees

  We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who attended the ACA Update Seminar. It is a Read More >>

Holding the Paper: Document Retention and Destruction Policy for Nonprofits

Knowing how long to maintain different types of paperwork is a challenge for any business, and with the unique documentation Read More >>