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Understanding Loan Covenants

Monthly Archives: May 2018

Understanding Loan Covenants

by SST Senior Audit Manager, Bridget Losa, CPA It is fairly common for loan covenants to be included in loan Read More >>

FAME 2018 Conference — SST was There!!

Eileen Keller, Higher Education Specialist and SST Audit Partner, recently attended the 2018 FAME conference in Hollywood Beach, Florida.  FAME Read More >>

Employee Benefit Plan Audits: Remembering the 80-120 Rule

by SST Audit Managers, Aaron Lohman and Russell Perry, CPA Year-end closed: check.  Tax return completed: check.  Employee benefit plan Read More >>

Housing Allowance Reporting

by SST Partner, Rebecca DaVee One of the financial benefits of being a minister is that a portion of your Read More >>

Understanding Your School’s Composite Score

by SST Senior Auditor, Chris Adams The U.S. Department of Education (“DoE”) requires schools that receive Title IV funding to Read More >>