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Safeguarding Your Church

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Safeguarding Your Church

by Amanda Hallemeier, Accounting Clerk I recently attended a luncheon, “Technology in the Church.”  The luncheon was an amazing opportunity Read More >>

The Power of Statistical Accounts

by Kari Eaton, Outsourced Technology Supervisor One of the biggest power houses of the Intacct Platform is the use of Read More >>

How to Define Reasonable Compensation for Clergy

Reasonable compensation is an important criteria for maintaining a church’s tax exempt status. But what is reasonable? Who decides? There Read More >>

What Churches Need to Know About Copyright Rules

Churches’ intellectual property – original songs, sermons, books, and curriculum – is subject to copyright rules. Any written form of Read More >>

Options for Paying Pastors for Weddings

The answer to a client question applies to many churches regarding payment to a pastor for a ‘non-standard’ service, such Read More >>

The Church Network Tradeshow

Recently, Bill Sims and Becky DaVee exhibited at the national conference of  The Church Network tradeshow held in Nashville. The Read More >>

Short Term Mission Trips – 5 Rules about Record Keeping

Short term mission trips, especially in third world countries, bear a financial responsibility to ensure that funds are used for Read More >>

Short Term Mission Trips – 5 Rules about Fund Raising

Churches bear many responsibilities behind the scenes of planning, packing, and serving on short-term mission trips. One of the most Read More >>

Short Term Mission Trips – 7 Rules about Charitable Travel

The tax deduction for mission trip charitable travel isn’t as simple as it sounds. Churches have responsibilities, and also need Read More >>

4 Indicators of a Church’s ‘Leaky Ship’

The IRS scrutinizes churches and ministries, so it’s imperative that you run a ‘tight ship’ in the finance department. Over Read More >>