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Military Family Tax Benefits

DOL & IRS rules

Military Family Tax Benefits

Serving in the armed forces is a sacrifice for the person on duty and that person’s family. Thankfully, there are Read More >>

The Department of Labor Increases Its Focus on Plan Sponsors

In November, Did You Receive an Email from the Department of Labor (DOL)? The email was sent to all plan Read More >>

Prepare Budgets Now for 2016 New Overtime Rules

New rules for overtime pay for salaried (exempt) employees are due to take effect January 1, 2016. The new standard Read More >>

Time to get it right: Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Worker classification is always important to the IRS. But now the DOL is turning up the heat by joining with Read More >>

No rush! More time for 401(k) and 403(b) disclosures

Last year, plan sponsors had to provide annual investment disclosures to participants by August 30 with an annual (within 12 Read More >>

Q&A for Filing Form 5500

As you prepare to file Form 5500 by the July 31 deadline, here are answers to some of the questions Read More >>

What to include in a Record Retention Policy – Part 2 of 2

You have two types of records to retain – plan records and employee participation records. Many of the plan records, Read More >>

Why Retirement Plans Need Record Retention Policies – Part 1 of 2

Here’s a scenario: Jane applies for Social Security benefits and remembers that she has a retirement plan benefit payable from Read More >>

The birthday effect on retirement plans

Birthdays sneak up on all of us, but if you’re a plan sponsor, you have to pay attention to all Read More >>

Looking ahead to 2013 – contribution limit changes

With so much uncertainty about taxes for 2013, your employees may get a serious case of ‘every little bit counts’ Read More >>