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7 Ways to Simplify Your Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Employee Benefit Plans

7 Ways to Simplify Your Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Plan management is a primary component of Department of Labor and IRS compliance for an Employee Benefit Plan audit. When Read More >>

3 Questions for Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Summer is a typical time for Employee Benefit Plan audits. The better prepared you are for your audit, the smoother Read More >>

Competency Before Cost – Choosing a Plan Provider

Have you ever known anyone who requested the cheapest brain surgeon?  Probably not.  And while it wouldn’t be fair to Read More >>

Shop Around for Reasonable Fees

You have a fiduciary responsibility, as a plan sponsor, to ensure that plan fees are reasonable as a plan sponsor. Read More >>

Beyond Fees – 6 Steps to Assessing Your Plan Provider

Understanding and communicating plan fees is just one way to be a prudent fiduciary. Another way you can assure your Read More >>

Be on the Lookout for Excess Benefit Transactions

When transactions occur that are unrelated to direct payment, such as regarding property or the use of assets, you may Read More >>

Selecting an Auditor For Your Employee Benefit Plan

Salmon Sims Thomas explains how to select an auditor, review the audit work, and analyze the report. Federal law states Read More >>

No rush! More time for 401(k) and 403(b) disclosures

Last year, plan sponsors had to provide annual investment disclosures to participants by August 30 with an annual (within 12 Read More >>

‘Heads Up’ for Fiduciaries

BenefitsPro.com has an excellent article that will be helpful for plan managers and all fiduciaries of retirement plans. With a Read More >>

De-Risking Your Plan

De-Risking was on the agenda of the recent ERISA Advisory Council meeting on Employee Welfare and Pension Benefit Plans. Without Read More >>