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5 401(k) Details That Can Kick You Out of Compliance

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5 401(k) Details That Can Kick You Out of Compliance

As an auditor, it’s my job to look at every aspect of a 401(k) plan to ensure ERISA compliance that Read More >>

Why Retirement Plans Need Record Retention Policies – Part 1 of 2

Here’s a scenario: Jane applies for Social Security benefits and remembers that she has a retirement plan benefit payable from Read More >>

Protect yourself from a ‘prohibited transaction’

Your due date for providing fee disclosures to plan participants was August 30, 2012. However, if you didn’t receive fee Read More >>

More info on the service provider fee disclosure regulation

In light of plan sponsors’ need to disclose fees to plan participants by August 30, 2012, I want to be Read More >>

Action required! Introducing new regulations for Covered Service Providers

David Ralston is a Dallas attorney specializing in Employee Benefit Plans. He sends out periodic email messages regarding retirement plans, Read More >>

Do you know if your 401(k) plan is broken?

401(k) plans require much maintenance to meet fiduciary requirements. There are many mistakes that can creep in over time that Read More >>

Make a resolution about plan fees

This year, when you make New Year’s resolutions, be sure to have one about checking on the fees you pay Read More >>

4 important lessons about communication

Once you make an amendment to your plan, how and when you communicate with plan participants is an important ERISA Read More >>

Was your extension request Form 5558 denied by the IRS?

In the first year’s confusion about the ERISA Filing Acceptance System (EFAST2) for the Form 5500, many plan administrators are Read More >>