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4 Ways to Compare Plan Fees

Fee disclosures

4 Ways to Compare Plan Fees

With a new year under way, plan fiduciaries may be shopping proposals to be sure that employees are getting the Read More >>

More info on the service provider fee disclosure regulation

In light of plan sponsors’ need to disclose fees to plan participants by August 30, 2012, I want to be Read More >>

The hidden benefit in fee disclosure

Fee disclosure day for retirement plans begins July 1, and must be complete by August 30, 2012. As you prepare Read More >>

Get ready for July 1: fee disclosure day

Bloggers and financial planning professionals are talking about the DOL’s upcoming requirement to disclose details about administrative fees for 401(k) Read More >>

Make a resolution about plan fees

This year, when you make New Year’s resolutions, be sure to have one about checking on the fees you pay Read More >>

How to be a better fiduciary

The scrutiny on employee benefit plan administrators is intense, and plan management will continue to be an extremely important topic Read More >>

Internal deadlines carry a high cost

When you think about deadlines you need to meet, the initials IRS and DOL probably come to mind. However, a Read More >>

Exercising control over the value of your plan

The 2008-2009 financial crisis was a stark reminder of the mortality of our retirement plans. Clearly, investment/overall market performance and Read More >>