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2015 Year-End Tax Strategies

Individual and Business Tax

2015 Year-End Tax Strategies

Everyday busy-ness and plunging into the holidays takes attention away from tasks that could save us money when it’s time Read More >>

7 Accounting Commandments for Startups

Starting a new company or business can often be a bit of a mad dash. So many things. So little Read More >>

3 types of donations and how to handle them

I want to share a recent question that frequently comes up in discussion about tax deductions: Do silent auction donations Read More >>

What to do if tax exempt status is revoked

I received a question from Brenda in Michigan, and I think that the answer will be helpful to other readers, Read More >>

9 Reminders about Form 1099

Due by January 31, 2013 are Forms 1099 for all independent contractors and companies to whom you paid $600 or Read More >>

4 Things to Know About Donations of Real Estate

Real estate makes an attractive gift to an organization for a donor because it’s a way to give a significant Read More >>

Profit for a nonprofit – a good problem to have

Many nonprofit organizations’ fundraising activities are so successful that they generate a surplus of profit. To maintain nonprofit status, what Read More >>

September tax deadlines & a reminder

Two upcoming deadlines, both September 17, 2012 will affect a large number of nonprofit organizations. For nonprofits which use a Read More >>

Nonprofit organizations & state unemployment tax

Bill Sims posted an article last week about state unemployment tax and how it affects nonprofit organizations and churches. I want Read More >>

Answering a question about small employer health insurance credits

One of the readers on our 401kcpa blog asked a question about the small employer health insurance credit. I answered the question, Read More >>