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How to Define Reasonable Compensation for Clergy

Minister Compensation

How to Define Reasonable Compensation for Clergy

Reasonable compensation is an important criteria for maintaining a church’s tax exempt status. But what is reasonable? Who decides? There Read More >>

Options for Paying Pastors for Weddings

The answer to a client question applies to many churches regarding payment to a pastor for a ‘non-standard’ service, such Read More >>

Ministers’ Exemption from Self-Employment Taxes

Ministers who want to request an exemption from self-employment taxes (i.e. Social Security and Medicare) can apply for this treatment Read More >>

Financial Advice for Ministers – Two Red Flags

Because pastors of churches are not the same type of employee as other church workers, there are different rules regarding Read More >>

Encouraging News About Minister Housing Allowances

Churches and ministers reeled with the bad news last November, 2013 that federal judge Barbara Crabb ruled unconstitutional the 60-year-old Read More >>

June Tax Reminders for Pastors

2013 is flying by, and deadlines can sneak up on you. Be ready to prepare for these two dates in Read More >>

Setting Standards for Compensation – A Helpful Resource for Ministries and Churches

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability® (ECFA) is a comprehensive resource for ministries and para-church organizations (www.ecfa.org).  One of their Read More >>

3 Forms Due on February 28

This time of year brings many IRS deadlines. Churches have three action items that are due on February 28. Make Read More >>

The Fine Print for Ministers’ Form W-2

Happy New Year! One of the most important action items for churches (and businesses) will be to distribute Form W-2s Read More >>

Housing allowance for a parsonage vs. a pastor-owned home

With a continuing trend of low interest rate mortgages, a pastor may want to purchase a personal home for the Read More >>