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Non-taxable vs. Taxable Gifts

Tax Regulations

Non-taxable vs. Taxable Gifts

Donations to charity, political organizations, and the majority of other gifts are not taxable. And, many gifts that would ordinarily Read More >>

2015 Year-End Tax Strategies

Everyday busy-ness and plunging into the holidays takes attention away from tasks that could save us money when it’s time Read More >>

Holiday Gifts Come With a Price

Many companies and organizations like to reward employees and volunteers with appreciation gifts during the holidays. However, it often seems Read More >>

Texas Sales Tax Holiday: What Counts, What Doesn’t – August 7-9 2015

Just in time for back-to-school purchases, the annual Sales Tax Holiday saves shoppers about $8 for every $100 spent on Read More >>

5 Principles to Avoid Conflicts of Interest

When an organization seeks IRS approval to be a tax-exempt organization the IRS asks specific questions regarding the existence and Read More >>

7 Criteria for Claiming a Child Care Credit

Summer months are difficult for working or looking-for-work parents. The good news is that tax credits are available for the Read More >>

Ministers’ Exemption from Self-Employment Taxes

Ministers who want to request an exemption from self-employment taxes (i.e. Social Security and Medicare) can apply for this treatment Read More >>

Make Your Getaway Less Taxing: Rules for Vacation Homes

There are many complex rules in maximizing tax benefits when dealing with vacation homes. Rachel Alexander, CPA, Tax Manager at Read More >>

Several Popular Tax Credits and Deductions Cannot Be Used Anymore

Written by Jeff Bergman, Tax Manager Many tax rules are written with the intention of being permanent. Many others are Read More >>

5 Reasons Why a 501(c)(3) is a Good Idea for Churches

Many churches view having a 501(c)(3) as being ‘worldly.’  After all, churches are tax exempt anyway, right? As a tax Read More >>