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Cloudkeeping® Outsourced Solutions


Cloudkeeping, a division of Salmon Sims Thomas, provides virtual accounting and advisory services to small, medium and large businesses, faith-based and nonprofit organizations. Our team will deliver comprehensive real-time solutions through the cloud for financial management, reporting and compliance.

  • Access anytime and anywhere.
  • Streamlined reporting and compliance.
  • Seamless integration with key systems.
  • Substantial return on investment.
  • Ensure strong financial controls.

Outsources bookkeeping and accounting

Why the cloud?

The cloud provides a simple, efficient, and secure way to access information at the push of a button. Individuals are able to access information through the cloud at anytime and from anywhere. The cloud offers added security for the maintenance and management of crucial data, ensuring that your information will never be lost due to accidents or computer malfunctions. The cloud has redefined the way people access media through messages, photos, and social media. Now, it is redefining the way businesses access the information that drives them.

Why virtual accounting?

Virtual accounting through the cloud operates similarly to traditional accounting software. However, instead of loading and managing software onto every device that requires access, everything you need is on secure internet servers accessible from any computer or mobile device.  Intacct is a program built specifically for accounting services and the needs of the clients of CPAs. Intacct provides user-friendly financial software that offers all of the management, reporting, and compliance capabilities that clients need.

Our team delivers comprehensive real-time solutions through the cloud for financial management, reporting and compliance.

Complete Accounting and Financial Management System

  • Full Outsourced Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Part Time Controller
  • Financial Reporting
  • Analyze Profitability
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable
  • Cash Management
  • Online Giving
  • Purchasing
  • Employee Expenses
  • Budget Compliance
  • Tax and Regulatory Compliance
  • On-site CFO Advisory Services
  • Internal Control Assessment

Comprehensive Payroll/HR Service

  • Paychecks and/or Direct Deposit
  • Tax Filing and Payments

Bill Pay

  • Manage Accounts Payable/ Receivable
  • Scheduled/Reoccurring Payments
  • Bills Stored Online

Why outsourced accounting?

Outsourced virtual accounting is a great way to grow efficiency, access, and control without growing costs. Virtual accounting offers professional business accounting services at a fraction of the cost of conventional services, made possible through streamlined process and systems offered through the cloud.  The division’s team of experienced advisors manages organizations’ financial and tax information remotely without interfering at company offices. Cloudkeeping outsourced solutions gives you the financial assurance so that you can have the time to focus on what is important to your mission.

QuickBooks Services

If you’ve ever lost hours of your time trying to get to a specific QuickBooks report that you know is there somewhere, then you know how helpful it is to have a knowledgeable resource. Salmon Sims Thomas makes it easier for business owners and financial managers to get instant feedback from QuickBooks about financial health.

Our experienced accounting and consulting services professionals help businesses tailor QuickBooks to your specific company needs.

Working with Salmon Sims Thomas to get the best performance out of QuickBooks is not like calling a technical support line. Our accountants go deeper to give you the tools to personalize QuickBooks for your business. We will install, set-up or reconfigure your QuickBooks file, train your staff to streamline recording of transactions, and provide monthly bookkeeping, review and compilation services.


Contact the Virtual Accounting and Advisory Solutions Division at Salmon Sims Thomas to learn more information or schedule a demonstration.