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Services That Facilitate a Great Education

Education is too often woefully undervalued. Where would we be today without the encouragement of our teachers and the incredible resources provided by our academic institutions? At SST CK, we understand the important role you play in shaping our future and are dedicated to making the accounting and operations of your school and facilities as efficient and effective as possible.

Whether you’re a K-12 private school, a charter school, a post-secondary school or a career or vocational institution, one thing is certain: running a place of learning is a complex undertaking that can feel overwhelming. It’s no small feat to navigate substantial regulatory oversight, adherence to government mandated rules and increasing accreditation requirements. We understand, so CK delivers cloud-based accounting and advisory services that make your professional life a little easier. This comprehensive base of services is provided by CK professionals who have extensive backgrounds helping academic institutions like yours handle sector-specific issues such as financial aid, Title IV compliance and more.

We always aim to have happy clients, but helping your school be successful means so much more. Your success translates into the success of your students, who can then go on to accomplish great things for the community and the world. Contact CK today to discuss how we can advise and assist your school. We would be honored to help you shape the next generation of great thinkers and leaders.