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Tax Services

Tax Services 

A skilled tax accountant for your personal or business taxes can help you make plans to enhance and increase your financial worth. Salmon Sims Thomas Accountants & Consultants is proactive, strategic, and responsive to your tax and financial needs. We stay on top of the ever-changing tax laws and look for every opportunity to save you money.

Our firm’s size is an asset to those who want a personal approach, yet want the resources that come from a variety of disciplines and industry experience. Below is a description of tax services we handle:

  • Tax Planning – Complex tax laws mean that planning ahead is imperative for people and companies who want to preserve earnings. The strategies today are different than even two years ago.
  • Tax Controversy – We’ll help you prepare for an audience before federal or state tax authorities with an informed perspective and the ability to develop arguments to protest or appeal IRS decisions.
  • Preparation of Tax Returns – Accuracy of information is a #1 priority when communicating with the IRS. We’ll prepare returns correctly, and meet promised deadlines. When you sign your name, you can be confident of the information reported.
  • Representation before the IRS – If you face an audit, we’ll be there to represent you on the day of your appointment.
  • Tax Projections – It helps to know your expected tax burden for the following year. We’ll work with you to make the best estimate so that you can prepare accordingly.
  • Transaction Planning – Sometimes business or investment transactions, individually or with a group, have an effect on your tax situation. We’ll work with you in advance to plan for tax consequences and save money where possible.
  • Tax Compliance Reviews – Complying with the tax code can be complicated, and a review helps you make sure that your organization has proper internal controls in place.
  • Estate and Retirement Planning – Part of our tax services include preparing your estate for the next generation. You may have beneficiaries in multiple locations, and the tax laws of each locale need to be considered.

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